What Was I Thinking in 2000?

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Dec 15, 2000
Jan 6, 2001

What color is orange juice?  Think about that for a minute before you answer.

Dec 3, 2000
Dec 15, 2000

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Nov 17, 2000
Dec 2, 2000


Nov 1, 2000
Nov 16, 2000

You know how sometimes on shirts they sew extra buttons on the bottom?  And, in case you lose a button, there are the extra ones.  Well, have you ever lost one of those extra buttons?  Why don't they sew all the buttons on as well as they do the extra buttons.  Then, they wouldn't have to give those extra buttons in the first place.

Oct 2, 2000
Oct 31, 2000

Classes have started; the Debate is over.  I am just starting to actually settle in to life at Centre.  And now, I might actually have time to think, just not right this moment.

Sep 16, 2000
Oct 1, 2000

Centre College is holding the only Vice Presidential Debate for the 2000 elections in the country.  This Debate is being held in our world famous Norton Centre for the Arts.  Not a big deal, other than the Debate.  Well, Centre also holds an Activities Expo, a time when all the campus groups come together in a common place to give you their propaganda and try to get you to join their group.  Usually the Expo is held in Sutcliffe, our athletic building.  But, because of the Debate (which is being held in the Norton Centre), the Expo had to be in the Norton Centre.  Reason?  Sutcliffe is set up for the Debate, which is being held in the Norton Centre.  Are you as confused as I am about this one?  Yeah, I thought so.

Aug 31, 2000
Sep 15, 2000

Check out a box of Pop•TartsŪ sometime.  On the box I currently have, I can count three very distinct warnings, yet all three warnings are the same.  On the box, it says Tastes Great Warmed.  And, they all say, using different words, that get this, Pop•TartsŪ might get hot if you put them in the toaster or microwave.  Now, I might not be a mechanical genius, but if I put something in the toaster or microwave to heat it up I would sort of expect it to get hot.  But, then again, maybe that's just me.

Aug 16, 2000
Aug 30, 2000

Why does software often say something like:

You must accept the enclosed License Agreement before you can use this product.

In order to read the License, what you are agreeing to, you must open and begin to install the software.  If you don't agree with the License, you are supposed to take the software back to where you purchased it.  The only problem with that is no stores will accept open software.  So, basically, you agree to the License Agreement whether you want to or not.

Aug 1, 2000
Aug 15, 2000

Take a look at these words.  You can click on the word to see the Merriam-Webster pronunciation and definition in case you don't know how to pronounce it, or if you don't know the definition.

Do you notice anything strange about all these words?  Why don't they all rhyme??

Jun 19, 2000
Jul 31, 2000

Why do we say "double you, double you, double you" for "www" when giving a web address.  Think about it.  That takes three syllables each part to say.  It is an abbreviation for World Wide Web, with each part having only one syllable.   This means to say "double you, double you, double you" it is taking three times as many syllables to say.  Or, it is longer to say the abbreviation than the actual idea.  A thought, why can't we just say "dub, dub, dub" for the "www" it has just three syllables, and is easy to say.